Raja Ampat, Indonesia 2016

Raja Ampat is located in the West Papua area of Indonesia.  Raja Ampat means the four kings.  Raja Ampat is known as having one of the highest Biodiversity levels in the world with 537 varieties of coral, 700 kinds of mollusk and over 1000 species of fish.  Raja Ampat is a dream location to be able to dive in. Raja Ampat is NOT easy to get to.  For us, it required  7 connections to get home.  High season for scuba diving is winter when high plankton levels bring in huge schools of fish and potentially Mantas.  Expect strong currents on many of the dives.  The strong currents and high plankton levels create an environment where many fish will come to feed.  Raja Ampat, Indonesia is known for huge schools of fish.


During our visit, there were no Mantas, but there was plenty more to see and photograph.  Poor visibility was a challenge for the wide angle shots as this can create a less than a desirable backdrop.  Water clarity was less than desirable, but the large schools of fish was a bonus.  We also were able to see wobbegong sharks, 2 varieties of pygmy seahorses, schools of bumphead parrotfish and so much more.  Raja Ampat is incredible


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