Lembeh, Indonesia October 2007

Lembeh is one of the most famous spots for underwater photographers.  Lembeh's waters are full of very cryptic and rare critters.  It is easy to take 200 photos on one scuba dive.  The hard part is to decide which critter you are going to take a photo of!

Lembeh is located off of The larger island of Sulawesi Indonesia about 1 hour east of the city of Manado.  A very short boat trip across the straight and you will be at your resort.


The dive sites are all located about 0-15 minutes by boat from your resort.  Most dives are muck dives starting at about 70 feet and slowing crisscrossing the bottom as you go shallow.  There is not much coral at most sites as the locals will fish with drag nets.  It is hard to believe anything is left on the bottom, but you will be amazed at the amount of extremely rare critters are hiding in the volcanic sand.  Mimic Octopus, Wonderpus and all sorts of rare crabs.  One night dive I saw a least 100 different species of Nudibranch.


  Lembeh is an incredible place

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