Bunaken, Indonesia 2016

Bunaken, Indonesia is a small island located just north of Manado on Sulawesi in eastern Indonesia.  I have dove the Bunaken area on 3 different occasions and it is one of my favorite destinations due to the quality of the diving and relative ease of traveling here.  As a bonus, it is reasonable if price too!  Bunaken is about 10-20 miles from Lembeh.  Lembeh is famous for its muck diving, but Bunaken is famous for its vibrant reef.  Bunaken is an excellent choice as a second diving location for those traveling to Lembeh.

Bunaken is known for its wall diving.  The island is surrounded by VERY shallow reefs with a dramatic drop-off.  The tops of the reefs are very lush and vibrant.  Bunaken, Indonesia also has great macro opportunities.  Unfortunately, it gets a fair amount of plastic pollution from the close by city of Manado.  Heavy rainstorms will wash out significant amounts of plastic into the water.  On many dives there where many plastic bags floating by.  This combined with large groups of snorkelers and divers from nearby Manado have put a strain on this reef.  It is still beautiful, but I don't see that lasting for many more years.

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