Anilao, Philippines

Anilao is about 2-3 hours south of Manila by car (depending on the terrible traffic in Manila) on Luzon Island.  It is fairly easy to get to as the resorts will pick you up at Manila Airport or a Manila Hotel and drive you from this large international Airport.  Anilao is a Marine Protected area where fishing is limited and to give protection over anchoring. Anilao is known as the Lembeh of the Philippines.

 It is known for its famous muck diving where you dive non-reef sand areas looking for rare and cryptic sealife.  Anilao does have reefs that are quite pretty.  They are not large extensive reefs like other locations.  Anilao has about 48 dive sites located around the small peninsula. Most dive sites are a short 5-15 minute boat ride and the furthest is about 30 minutes.

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