St. Vincent 2017

St. Vincent is known as the Critter Capital of the Caribbean and for good reason.  This lesser dived island is a bit more difficult to get to now that American Airlines no longer flies here. Saint Vincent is easily accessed via Barbados on Liat Airlines.  St. Vincent is better known as a yachting destination.  St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a group of about 30 islands located west of Barbados and north of Grenada.  This is a lesser traveled and is not a common scuba location.  However, it really should be on everyone's list of places to dive.

 Underwater critter life is incredible. Frogfish, lots of seahorses, shortnose batfish and many other hard to find critters are seen on a daily basis.  St. Vincent can be more advanced diving as the dive guides are there to help you find fantastic critters and you will not be you scuba babysitter.  You must be proficient in diving, air consumption and navigation as you maybe on your own for most of the dive.  Dives are not deep.  Most dives are less than 60 feet with much of your time is in 20-30 feet looking for photo opportunities.  There are few places in the Caribbean where you will find such a list of fantastic critters.

There were plenty of great photographic opportunities here.  The last trip 2 years ago, I had a mismatched lens and port which made photography difficult.  This time I only brought a 105mm lens and no wide angle.  Saint Vincent has both wide and macro shots, but it is known more for its macro life.  


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